Best facilities to play badminton in NFOOZ App

Best facilities to play badminton in NFOOZ App

1. Green Sport Club – Manthena American School ( Muweilah)

Badminton Court in Muweilah - Green Sport Club

This facility is located in Manthena American School РMuweilah . It offers brand new excellent 6 badminton indoor courts. Price starting from 50 AED and you can avail  25% discount if you book directly through the NFOOZ App.

2. Green Sport Club – Habitat School (Ajman)

Badminton court at habitat school green sport club

This facility offers you 4 indoor badminton courts the price is set to be starting from 35 AED. It is located in Habitat school Ajman in al Jurf area. you can avail a 25% off on your court booking through the NFOOZ App.

3.Bat and Ball Sports Ground Abu Dhabi (Musaffah industrial area)

Badminton court at bat and ball sports ground abu dhabi

Bat and Ball sports has a dedicated court for all badminton lovers , 4 excellent indoor courts with professional badminton markings and mats. The price is set to be at 50 AED. You can book through NFOOZ App for offers at this location.

4.Mentor Sports Academy (Al Nahda 2)

badminton court at mentors sports academy

Located at one of the prime spot in al Nahda 2 , This place is located in Carmel school Dubai. 3 indoor badminton courts is set to be priced at 45 AED per hour. You can book this court online through the NFOOZ App.

5.Green Sport Club ( Amity School Qusais)

amity qusais badminton court ( green sport club)

This place is located inside Amity School in Qusais area. This location offers you 10 excellent indoor badminton courts and is set to be priced from 45 AED per hr. You can book these courts online on the NFOOZ App and also checkout the offers on the app.

6.Green Sport Club (JSS JVC)

badminton court jvc green sport club

Located in JSS Private school JVC ,This location is set to offer you 3 indoor badminton courts and the price is starting from 55 AED per hr. . You can check this amazing facility in the NFOOZ App and make your booking online through the App.

7.Green Sport Club ( Amity Sharjah )

green sport club badminton court at amity Sharjah

This Facility is located in Muweilah , Offering excellent 6 indoor courts for badminton lovers. The price per hour is set to be starting from 45 AED. You can book your badminton court online through the NFOOZ App.

8.Green Sport Club ( Bright Learners Rashidiya)

Badminton court green sport club rashidiya

Located in bright learners school rashidiya ,This indoor hall offers you 4 badminton courts . This location offers you badminton court at 50 AED per hr. You can book the courts online through the NFOOZ App.