Sports in Ramadan

Ramadan a month every Muslim eagerly awaits for every year, A Holy month with lots of blessings and happiness for every Muslim, Muslims all over the world fast in this holy month ,offer prayers and devote themselves to god. Muslim athletes and sports players fast from sunrise to sunset each day throughout the 30 days of Ramadan. Most sports players will continue to train throughout Ramadan, and they may also be required to compete at this time, but they will also engage in the religious, cultural, and social activities that Ramadan represents. As sports and fitness being a very important part for many Muslims lifestyle they tend to balance it quite well in this holy month. Sports definitely helps one to be fit and healthy and keeps one in good shape ,so does the month of Ramadan. In UAE Muslims fast, pray and head to take the field with their teams and groups. As staying fit in this holy month is essential for many.